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The winter storm of November 14, 1906

According to newspaper accounts, on November 14, 1906, the winter snowstorm melted by that afternoon. The messy sleet and poor visibility didn’t keep local photographers from taking the streets early in the morning to capture the peak accumulation and wintery conditions to exploit the event. Several postcards were published from photographs that day, including one of the Lookout Inn and a scene of the bluff view area from the County Bridge. Snow was often advertised as a rarity in the area to keep Chattanooga’s reputation as a year-long destination.

I particularly like this real photo postcard (posted below) photographed between the streetcar tracks on Market Street, with a view north just below the 9th Street intersection. It’s the first time I’ve encountered this card in my long collecting experience.

Below is a poem about snow published in the Chattanooga News on November 14, 1906.

“It snows!” Cries the schoolboy,
“Hurrah!” and his shout Is ringing through parlor and hall;
While swift as the wing of a swallow he’s out,
And his playmate have answered his call.
It makes the heart leap out to witness their joy;
Proud wealth has no pleasure I trow
Like the rapture that throbs
in the pulse of a Loy
As he gathers his treasures
of snow.

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Only a few business signs can be seen through the falling snow. Here are a few newspaper ads published in 1906 from those businesses.


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