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On top of old Cameron (Hill)

One of Chattanooga’s biggest laments is the decimation of Cameron Hill, separating the city’s west side from downtown. At one time, the hill was an active community with beautiful homes and mansions dating back to the Civil War. Cameron Hill couldn’t escape the urban renewal of the late 1950s and 1960s, and the local government literally cut off its top and demolished hundreds of homes and structures.

Photos of the community on Cameron Hill can be scarce, even for local institutions. This blog post will either post images from our collection or reference others recently found. If you have photos from on top of Cameron Hill, please contact us at

For more information about the fate of Cameron Hill and photographs of some of its homes and businesses, visit

Boyton Park

Pavilion and battery at the very northern point of Cameron Hill in Boyton Park in abt. 1910. The Pavilion also served the area residents as a water reservoir.

H. Clay Evans House

Once located on the corner of East Terrace and Gillespie Avenue on Cameron Hill.

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